Could This $30 Million Green Tower Be The Future Of World Cities?

An office building that lasts 250 years with no monthly electricity or water bills? It may sound like an environmentalist’s pipe dream, but it will soon be a reality, say the builders of what they hope will be the biggest office tower in the nation that produces as much water and electricity as it consumes.

Currently rising from a pit in downtown Seattle, the $30 million, six-story “living building” is being spearheaded by Denis Hayes and Jason McLennan, who believe they can save the world one building at a time by reducing the massive energy appetites of modern cities.

“Eighty-two percent of Americans, and more than half of humanity, now live in cities — none of which have been designed for sustainability,” said Hayes, who in 1970 helped create Earth Day, which has developed into the planet’s unofficial holiday.

Hayes, 67, now heads the Bullitt Foundation, an environmental nonprofit that intends to practice what it preaches by moving into the building when it’s completed, currently planned for November. 

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