NYC $100 Christmas Tree Disposal Fine

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has a costly lump of coal waiting for lazy New Yorkers who refuse to take ornaments and lights off Christmas trees after they are tossed on the sidewalk for recycling.

The elves in the Sanitation Department — who collect 150,000 trees a year — plan to leave a $100 fine for anyone caught in the act, according to newly-proposed city rules.

Officials said that too many people leave lights, garland, tinsel — even tree stands — attached to their firs that the city cannot turn them in to mulch used to enrich soil at city parks, ball fields and community gardens, city officials said.

“This makes mulching the Christmas trees much more difficult to do, increases the cost to mulch the trees and ultimately adds to the department’s disposal costs,” spokeswoman Kathy Dawkins said.

Read the full story on Fox New York


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