Nothing can sink ‘Titanic’, Miami Herald Reports

The only question looming over “Titanic 3-D,” really, is: Does the 3-D get in the way? The ever-canny James Cameron has wisely resisted the temptation to tweak the film’s Oscar-winning special effects – one of the 11 Academy Awards the movie won in 1998 – or update the CGI shots of the doomed ship (which, by contemporary standards, occasionally look a little hokey) or add previously deleted footage to slap on a “Director’s Cut” subtitle that would guarantee to sell a few extra tickets.

No, this is exactly “Titanic” as you remember it – or, more accurately, the “Titanic” you’ve probably forgotten. The secret weapon of Cameron’s monumental blockbuster – the reason why audiences kept going back to see the movie, eventually buying an astounding $1.8 billion worth of tickets – is that this was a picture truly made for the big screen

Read the full story on the Miami Herald.

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