Thousands Without Electricity Five Days After The Buenos Aires Storm

Planning Minister Julio De Vido announced that five days after a severe storm hit the south of the Greater Buenos Aires area, more than 30,000 people still have no electricity in their homes.

In a press conference held by De Vido, Social Development Minister Alicia Kirchner and Security Secretary Sergio Berni, the official explained that this is a tragedy that goes “beyond the lack of electricity,” since seventeen people have already been killed.

De Vido praised the work of the several mayors who joined forces and worked together to bring relief to those areas hit by the storm.

The minister assured that during the storm, 2,600,000 people were left without electricity after a tension tower collapsed due to the strong winds.

“Close to a 30 percent of the system went down all of a sudden,” he explained. “With such a power outage, electricity could have gone out everywhere. But this didn’t happen because we have a modern system,” he said.

Read the full story on the Buenos Aires Herald


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