Instagram Users Dismayed By Facebook Purchase

When 12-year-old Catherine Moorhead found out aboutFacebook’s acquisition of Instagram she immediately texted her dad. “It ruins the purpose of Instagram! OMGosh!!!!” she typed on her iPhone.

Moorehead might be young, but she wasn’t the only one typing her disapproval and sharing it with the world.

After the initial announcement on Monday of Facebook’s plans to spend $1 billion on the photo-sharing site, you couldn’t avoid the negative reaction on Twitter and Facebook, and even Instagram itself.

Photos of Dr. Evil were shared on the site and tons tweeted about their plans to leave Instagram. You can see a selection of the disapproving tweets on Buzzfeed and on ABC News’ Facebook page.

“My whole 8th grade class is on Instagram,” Moorhead told ABC News. “I think they might change it to be more like Facebook. If Facebook owns it, more people will be on it and I don’t want creepy people following the kids who are on Instagram.”

Want to read more? See the complete story on Good Morning America.


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