Justin Bieber Breaks Out of Tween Idol Mold, Debuts More Mature Image

Justin Bieber has for years been the super sweet prince of pop and an undisputed tween idol.

But the boy whose floppy bangs ignited Bieber fever is growing up.

In a sneak peek of the video for his new hit song,“Boyfriend,” Bieber is seen cozying up to beautiful women, and several pairs of female hands caress his upper body while he sings.

Music critics say this latest turn is a logical move for the 18-year-old superstar.

“A big part of what makes it this sort of morphic transition is that he is showing a little bit more of a grown-up side but he is showing it in a way that is consistent,” Bill Werde, editorial director for  Billboard  told ABC News.  “It’s a credible growth for him.”

He follows in the footsteps of former teen stars who evolved beyond their bubblegum pop roots.

Justin TimberlakeBritney Spears and Christina Aguilera all started young, becoming stars on “The Mickey Mouse Club.”

Read the complete story and watch the report on Good Morning America


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