Next iPhone Could Be Made Out Of ‘Liquidmetal’

A report out of Korea suggests that the next iPhone may be made out of “Liquidmetal.” As awesome as the material is, however, this could be a disappointment to many a “Terminator” fan, because the smartphone will be nothing like the T-1000.

Kim In-soon of Korea IT News, an online publication specializing in information technology news, reports that unnamed industry sources say that the next-generation iPhone is going to have a body made of Liquidmetal — which consists of “zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper and so forth.” This should give the device “an outer surface smooth like liquid,” In-soon adds.

To be sure, despite this liquid-like smoothness, the material is most certainly quite solid. Its benefit in an iPhone would be that, for being  particularly strong and wear-resistant, it is reasonably light.

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