Kate and William’s first year of marriage

Trips abroad, charity galas and even a new dog: It’s been a big year for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have captivated the world with their good looks, charm and graciousness. As the couple prepare to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, we take a look back at the highlights of their married life.

The year couldn’t have started any better, with a wedding watched by millions around the world. Well-wishers couldn’t help but smile — and maybe even shed a tear or two — as the beaming couple spotted each other for the first time in Westminster Abbey. When Williamkissed his bride on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, a roar went up from the crowd, who eagerly egged them on for a second peck on the lips.

The newly-named duke and duchess, on their way to get ready for the night’s festivities, left Buckingham Palace in style, thanks to Prince Charles’s favorite blue Aston Martin convertible. Though it looked like it was smooth sailing – or driving – it turns out that William actually had a tough time getting from one palace to the next, since he forgot to release the car’s handbrake.

Pushing off their honeymoon to the Seychelles for several weeks, life returned to normal pretty quickly for this new generation of down-to-earth royals. Just a week after her fantastically glamorous wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted walking down the aisle yet again – this time at a local supermarket in Anglesey, Wales. Despite the presence of five security officers, she loaded her shopping bags into the car herself.

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