Pippa Middleton Steals Spotlight From the Bride, Again

Everyday brides-to-be stressing over the planning of their upcoming weddings can be grateful for at least one thing, not having to include Pippa Middleton on their guest list.

The royal sister-in-law stole the show from the bride once again, this time at the weekend wedding of her close friend, Camilla Hook, 28, and her fiancé Sam Holland, 27.  Although the bride entered the Scottish chapel where the ceremony took place dressed in an elegant lace dress, according to British media, the cameras were turned instead to Middleton, 28, dressed in a low-cut raspberry wrap dress, floral fascinator and black suede heels.

The moment brought back memories of a year ago when Middleton stole the show as a bridesmaid at the royal weddingof her older sister, Kate Middleton, to Prince William.  It was then that Pippa Middleton’s walk down the aisle in a form-fitting dress turned her into a one-name wonder overnight and earned her the moniker “Her Royal Hotness.”

Middleton, reportedly at the wedding with a female friend and her parents, this time stole a fashion page from her big sister.  Middleton’s raspberry wrap dress by designer Issa was the same Forever wrap dress that Kate wore when she and Prince William announced their engagement at Buckingham Palace in 2010.

The only difference is that Kate’s dress, which sold out in hours after her appearance, was sapphire-colored to match her sapphire engagement ring.

Although Pippa Middleton stole the headlines from the bride once again, all might be forgiven because Middleton, whose family owns a party-planning business, reportedly played a big role in helping the bride, Hook, plan her big day.

Read more on ABC’s Good Morning America.


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