Tornado Backdrop in Kansas Wedding Photos

Caleb and Candra Pence tied the knot on Saturday evening in rural Harper County, Kan. But their “I dos” weren’t the only event to draw attention. Two large tornadoes were the backdrop for their wedding photos.

“I saw the tornado forming even before the wedding started,” Caleb said. “I told my dad but he said not to worry about it.”

The couple was focused on their big day, despite the twisters.

“I was getting married, I really didn’t care about the tornado,” Caleb said. “I told Candra and she said she didn’t want to hear about it right now.”

Although it formed the backdrop for their photos, the tornado steered clear of the Pence family farm where the ceremony took place.

But it did do damage on a nearby farmstead elsewhere in Harper County, according to ABC Kansas affiliate,  KAKE.

Caleb told KAKE he knew they were safe because as a Kansas native who has seen many tornadoes over the years, he knew it was headed away from the ceremony.

But it was a first for the bride.

“I’m from Nebraska so I don’t see tornadoes. That’s the first tornado I’ve ever seen,” Candra told KAKE.

The couple is now on their honeymoon but the wedding tornado will always stay with them, if only through photos.


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