Beyonce wants chocolate after 60-pound weight loss

After sticking to a strict diet to lose baby weight following the January birth of Blue Ivy, who can blame Beyonce for wanting to indulge?

“Y’all have no idea how hard I worked!” the new mom told fans during her concert at Revel Beach’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday night, via the Associated Press. “I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!”

The “Run the World (Girls)” singer, 30, said she’s more than ready to ditch the produce for dessert.

“Now tonight I’m gonna get chocolate wasted!” she exclaimed.

Beyonce’s treadmill admission had to please a certain VIP in the audience – Michelle Obama (who has partnered with the singer in the past to inspire kids to exercise with her “Let’s Move!” campaign).

The First Lady enjoyed the concert with daughters Sasha and Malia, who happily danced in their seats to the music of Queen B, according to Us Weekly.

“They sat up in a private balcony with Gayle King. Michelle was jamming out to ‘Crazy in Love,’” a concertgoer told the mag. “When Beyonce told the crowd to get up and jump, [Malia and Sasha] stood and started dancing and jumping. They were shouting when Beyonce asked, ‘Do girls run the world?’

Read more of this story on MSNBC Entertainment.

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