Weather update Wednesday June 6

Good Morning everyone we’ll start with some weather today.

18 degrees right now in LONDON with cloudy skies. highest 18;

Buen dia BUENOS AIRES, 5 grados y lloviendo en la ciudad y alrededores. Maxima para hoy 8 con lluvias hasta la tarde;

NEW YORK 57 degrees and partly cloudy right now. Highest 72 with possibilities of thunderstorms in the afternoon;

Warm up on the way for the cities of DETROIT, BOSTON, CHICAGO and NEW YORK. On Saturday these cities will have temperatures above 80;

Texas experiencing flooding in some parts of the state. Cool weather for SEATTLE 59 the highest. SAN FRANCICO fair, 65. ORLANDO showers, 88;

4 Tornadoes reported in Montana (MT avg 10/yr). Severe weather possible for today in some parts of CO, WY and NE;

All the recent fire and wind warning in the west have been canceled as the storm that brought 80 mph winds moves east;

IT’S WEDNESDAY JUNE 6, 2012. MIERCOLES 6 DE JUNIO 2012. How’s the weather by you?


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