Photos: Debby Hits Gulf Coast

North Redington Beach, FL.

The Gulf of Mexico reaches the pool at this hotel in North Redington Beach. Parts of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana were under a tropical storm warning Sunday as Debby churned off the Gulf Coast, leaving wary residents to closely watch a storm whose path has so far been difficult to forecast. It was not completely clear when or where Debby would make landfall, though current models showed it reaching hurricane strength eventually. Here are photos of Debby’s impact.

Lido Beach, FL.

The Gulf of Mexico pours onto Lido Beach, near Sarasota, on Sunday afternoon during high tide. Forecasters said Debby could reach hurricane strength sometime over the next few days.

Longboat Key, FL.

Canoes float in the street across from the city pier in Longboat Key, Fla., near Sarasota. Forecasters said that up to 10 inches of rain were possible along the coast, with isolated amounts possibly reaching 15 inches.

Sunset Beach, FL.

A dog named Sheba enjoys the floodwaters on Sunset Beach, near St. Petersburg, Fla. Debby dumped heavy rain on parts of Florida and spawned some isolated tornadoes, causing some damage to homes and knocking down power lines.



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