Buenos Aires Strike; Public Services Affected

EN: Due to today’s teamster union strike certain public services will be affected, including rubbish collection, fuel and food distribution. The subway, trains and short and long-distance buses will operate normally. Flights will be affected between 11am and 6pm.

In addition, service stations will be closed from 12pm-6pm.

Public and private healthcare centres, banks and public offices will be opened, while Judiciary workers will work until 11am.

Regarding flights, unions have not taken a unanimous position. APTA air traffic technical personnel and ATCPEA Sol, Lan and Andes crews support the measures.

Flight services will be affected between 12pm-6pm. APLA pilots union stated that there will be flights after midday but with some delays and APA air traffic personnel rejected the strike.


ES: Debido al paro de hoy, los servicios publicos se verán afectados incluyendo la recolección de basura, los proveedores de gasolinas y comida. Los subtes, trenes, premetros de largo y corto trayecto operarán normalmente. Los vuelos se veran afectados desde las 11AM hasta las 6PM.

Los servicios de salud públicos y privados operarán normalmente, mientras que los servicios judiciales trabajarán hasta las 11AM.


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