Power Outages In The East Could Last More Days

As blistering heat blanketed much of the eastern U.S. for the third straight day, storm-ravaged residents in the mid-Atlantic on Sunday faced stifling homes, spoiled food and a looming commute filed with knocked-out stoplights.

Two days after storms tore across the region, power outages were forcing people to get creative to stay cool in dangerously hot weather. Temperatures were forecast to top 100 degrees in many storm-stricken areas, and utility officials said the power will likely be out for several more days.

The storm was blamed for 17 deaths, most from trees falling on homes and cars. Meanwhile, Coast Guard officials say they have suspended the search for a man who went missing early Saturday while boating during the storm off Maryland.

“It is very unsafe outdoors for those susceptible to these extreme conditions,” the National Weather Service said in a statement.

Utilities were slowly making progress, but more than 2.5 million people still had no electricity and could only watch their thermostats climb.

Other parts of the country were also sweltering. Denver recorded the hottest June on record. The average temperature for the month was 75 degrees, which was 7.6 degrees above normal. There were 17 days in which the maximum temperature exceeded 90 degrees, including a stretch of five consecutive 100-degree days from June 22-26, the weathersService said.



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