Hot-air balloon lands on residential street in Orange County, NY

A hot air balloon landed on a residential street in Middletown, N.Y. Witnesses say it appeared something was wrong, but the pilot said he meant to land there.

Needless to say everyone is relieved there were no people or cars on the street and the power lines are underground.

Around 6:45 a.m., residents watched in disbelief as this hot air balloon landed on their normally quiet Orange County street.

The balloon was so close to April Coppin’s house that she could hear the flames from the balloon as it glided pass her bedroom window and then land two doors down. Within minutes, half the block had their cell phones out recording the rather precise landing.

Fox 5 spoke to the hot air balloon’s pilot. He said he purposely landed on Davidge Road because one of the homeowners on the street waved him in.

However, we couldn’t find that homeowner.

According to the FAA, balloon operators normally don’t land on streets. And, in order to land on private property, the pilot needs permission from the owner. He also said he landed there because weather conditions were just right.

Witnesses said that within minutes of landing, the balloon’s trailing truck helped pack up the balloon and they left.

My Fox New York reported this story.

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