Chris Brown New Tattoo Controversy

Chris Brown’s latest tattoo is drawing a lot of controversy lately. The thing is that the image on the singer’s neck looks a lot like his former girlfriend Rihanna who, as we all know, was assaulted by Brown back in 2009.

His new tattoo is a woman’s face that is marked in injuries, three slashes through her lips, and other marks that appear to be bruises. But the markings are not hundred per cent clear whether the face is meant to represent an abused woman.

Many people are making comparisons between Rihanna’s picture of when she was hit by Brown, and his new tattoo. said: “sources close to Brown” who tell the website the image is not meant to be Rihanna, but is instead “a random women.”

What do you think of the design of Chris Brown’s new tattoo? Has he gone too far? Is it a coincidence?

Picture by Getty Images

Noe I. for Windows of the World


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