McDonald’s Adds Nutritional Information To Their Menu

McDonald’s will display calorie counts for its menu on restaurants across the country, beginning on Monday. Both indoors and drive-thrus will display the calories. Here are some of their most famous meals and their calorie count:

McDonald’s most famous burger, the Big Mac, will add 550 calories to your body.

Small french fries serving has 230, while the large one has 500.

The small frappe mocha contains 450 calories, while the medium clocks in at 560, and the large one 680 calories.

The Egg McMuffin, along with the common cheeseburger has 300 calories.

So now you can read nutritional information before ordering, even though experts say we think with out stomach when hungry, rather than with our brain. What do you think?

Noe I. for Windows of the World


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