Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Twitter Pictures


Millions of people crowded the streets of New York City Thursday to watch the 86th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the biggest event in the city since Superstorm Sandy caused significant damage in the region.

Helium balloons took over the streets of New York, and this is how people shared their views on Twitter:


#MacysParade via @todayshow

Santa Claus makes his first appearance of the year at Macy’s magical parade studio. Via Today Show.

‘Elf on a shelf arrives. #macysparade #whyimthankful via @todayshow

To infinity… and beyond! #macysparade #buzzlightyear. Via @tuckerbaileyco

Ahoy there, Sailor Mickey! #macysparade. Via @NadiaNeophytou

Spiderman swinging through the sky as we report live from the streets! Via @1010WINSNewYork

Spongebob! Perfect day for a parade. Via @JenMaxfield7

Kung Fu Panda. #NYC #macysparade via @johndeguzman

Kermit arrives at 34th street. #macysparade via @todayshow

Hello Kitty balloon kicks off the #macysparade! Via @peoplemag

#MacysParade via @todayshow

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Noe I. for Windows of the World


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