Newtown, CT Elementary School Massacre; 27 Dead

A 24 year old man clad in black and carrying 4 weapons shot up an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday and leaving 20 children and 7 adults dead. Officials said it’s one of the worst school massacres in the nation’s history.

FBI, along with dozens of emergency vehicles raced to the school after the shooting began at around 9:30, moving a massive police team including SWAT officers that checked room by room searching for victims, most of the under the age of 10 and were in a kindergarten classroom.

Copyright Shannon Hicks/ The Newtown Bee.

Gunman was 24 years old from CT, and was found dead, while a second person is now in custody for a possible connection to the shooting.

A panicked parent said it was ‘the most terrifying moment a parent can imagine’.

We still don’t know the motive of the shooting and the gunman’s name was not released at this hour.

Miami, FL. 2:29p.m.

Noe I. for Windows of the World


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