Late Saturday Nightclub Fire in Brazil Kills More Than 200

At least 233 people died and 92 are still missing in late Saturday tragedy inside a nightclub at the Kiss club in the university town of Santa Maria, in Brazil.

At approximately 2am local time Sunday, a pyrotechnic display set fire to the ceiling and started a big fire that killed dozens and other dozens were trapped in the panic of the confusion.

Outside of the Kiss club in the university town of Santa Maria, Brazil.

Approximately 50 funerals were expected to take place today at the local cemetery of Santa Maria which opened at early 7:30am local, where half-hour intervals were scheduled.

Night Club owner and two members of the band were arrested by police that are investigating the blaze. Police inspector said arrests were ‘provisional’ and there’s no criminal accusation at this time.

View from inside the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria after the fire that killed more than 200 people. Yuri Weber/ Agencia O Dia via Reuters

According to some sources, firefighters were struggling to get inside the building due to a ‘barrier of bodies’ blocking the entrance. Survivors told local news that security guards tried to prevent people from getting outside the building, fearing that people would leave without paying their tab.

Noe I. for Windows of the World.


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