Mexico City Explosion Kills 25, Leaves 100 Others Wounded

25 people died and at least 100 others were injured when a great explosion at the the headquarters of Pemex, in Mexico City occurred.

The explosion was reported to be in the basement garage of the auxiliary building, a busy commercial and residential area just before 4 p.m and next to Petroleos Mexicanos’ 52-story tower. The skyscraper complex was immediately visited by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to supervise rescue activities.

Picture: NY Daily News.

At least 30 people remained trapped in the debris while rescue dogs were sent to look for them. “It shook the building, and then we were evacuated”, said a man who was on the ground floor.

“An explosion took place in the B2 building of the administrative center,”/”Regrettably, they have confirmed 14 people dead and 80 injured.”, Pemex tweeted yesterday. Today, Mexican authorities confirmed 25 people dead and 101 other were injured.

Pemex first said they were evacuating because there was an electricity problem, then it said there was an explosion but the problem was not determined.

Picture: Canberra Times.

Most of the people injured were treated at local hospitals with broken bones, sources said.

Director General of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya Austin extended his condolences to all the families of the workers who have lost their loved ones at this accident.

Noe I, Windows of the World.


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