One World Trade Center to Become Tallest Building in Western Hemisphere

Our favorite building, One World Trade Center is set to reach another milestone Monday, April 19 becoming the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

The final two sections of the 408-foot spire are set to be raised by constructors tomorrow Monday. The stainless steel spire will give the building its iconic height of 1,776 feet, the year of U.S. independence.

One World Trade Center became New York’s tallest building in April 2012.

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Work Resumes At World Trade Center Site

One week later, work has started again at the World Trade Center which was affected by super storm Sandy last week.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that more than 95% of the storm surge at the 16-acre site has been flooded during the storm, and about 750 workers are back at it today.

Pumping has been completed at the site’s 9/11 Memorial, which was deluged by 16 million gallons of water a week ago, Cuomo added to his statement.

Flooded World Trade Center during Sandy.

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Millions Without Power, 40 Dead as Result of Sandy: Complete Coverage

The scale of devastation of super storm Sandy is big, as at least 40 people have been killed and authorities struggle to restore the power and transit of millions.

President Obama declared disasters in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut and promised the government will do all it can to help local authorities cope with the damage. The President is scheduled to visit the damaged areas in New Jersey on Wednesday.
Michael Bloomberg, mayor or New York City, said assessing the scope of a once-in-a-generation hurricane that killed at least 40 people, swept homes into the ocean, flooded large swaths of coastal areas, left millions of people without power and crippled transportation.
It is not possible to put a value on Sandy’s devastation but insured losses alone will run from 7 billion to 15 billion dollars.
This historic storm, which made landfall at 6:45 p.m. ET Monday, put a wall of water up to 13 feet high at the Northeast coast.
To donate $10 for victims & areas hit by Sandy text the number 90999 with the word REDCROSS. Will be deducted from your wireless bill.
Details of the devastation from Sandy to the New York City Area:
-20 deaths across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut blamed on Sandy.
-Dry ice is being distributed this afternoon and evening in Orange and Bergen Counties in the following locations:
  • Rockland County: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., Boulders Ball Field, Pamona Road, Pamona, NY
  • Orange County: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., Orange County Government Center, 40 Erie Street, Goshen, NY
  • Bergen County: 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., Bergen County Office of Emergency Management, 285 Campgaw Road, Mahwah, NJ
  • Orance County: Town of Mamakating Town Hall, 2948 Route 209, Mamakating, NY
-Restoring Power and Mass Transit are the priorities says Mayor of New York City.
-Limited bus service will resume this evening on a Saturday schedule. Free fares on those buses.
-NYSE opening tomorrow Wednesday after Sandy.
-All East River bridges are now open.
-Alternate side parking and parking meter rules are currently suspended.
-2.4 Million New Jersey households without power, say Governor Christie.
-It will be 7-10 days for path trains to resume service, says NJ Governor Christie.
-Health Officials in Connecticut say water quality may have been compromised by sewage backups or pollution caused by Sandy.
-New York City schools closed Wednesday.

LaGuardia Airpor flooded.

The intersection of First Avenue and Brielle Road in Manasquan, N.J.

Sand and debris covers the streets near the water in Atlantic City, N.J., Oct. 30, 2012. Sandy caused multiple fatalities, halted mass transit and cut power to more than 6 million homes and businesses.
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Foundations and pilings are all that remain of brick buildings and a boardwalk in Atlantic City, N.J., Oct. 30, 2012, after they were destroyed when a powerful storm that started out as Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the East Coast on Monday night.

Dozens of trees fell in Astoria, Queens. (Oct. 30, 2012)
Erin Nau

A boat blocked Metro-North tracks near the Ossining station. (Oct. 30, 2012)

2,200 feet of the Atlantic City boardwalk is gone. (Oct. 30, 2012)

Storm surge engulfed a police car under the FDR Drive. (Oct. 29, 2012)
Pictures copyrighted by Fox News New York.
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The Nation Remembers September 11

Ceremonies will begin at 8:39AM at the National September 11 Memorial, with a drum band and pipe leading a procession to the stage. Commemorations will be held at the three sites of the attacks on Tuesday as the entire Nation pauses, reflects and nurses wounds.

Even though organizers decided to remove politics from the event, many are expected to attend anyway to the ceremony that will be held in the shadow of the Freedom Tower, formerly known as One World Trade Center which is set to open in 2014 with 104 stories tall.

A worship service will start at 8:45AM at the Washington National Memorial, with others at noon and 5:30PM. A moment of silence is set to occur at Arlington National Cemetery at 9:37AM and a private ceremony at the Pentagon. Many volunteers are expected to take part in a ‘day of service and remembrance’.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will make a moment of silence at the White House and then attend the Pentagon memorial. Obama is set to visit wounded service members and the families at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Vice President Joe Biden will attend the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, PA where the last hijacked plane crashed. Services will begin at 9:30AM and will have a moment for reading the victims names at 10:03AM.

Pictures: John Makely / NBC News

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Agreement Reached on 9/11 Museum, Paving A Way Of Construction

Agreement reached on 9/11 museum, paving way of construction, just a day before 9/11.
“As New Yorkers and Americans gather on the anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks, we pause once again to remember those we lost and the enormous sacrifice of the brave heroes who rushed into the gravest of dangers. Over the last few years, we have made extraordinary progress at Ground Zero and today’s agr

eement is yet another milestone in our work to finally complete the site as a place where people from around the world can come to work, visit and remember. By ensuring that no additional public funds are spent to complete the Memorial and Museum, today’s agreement puts in place a critical and long overdue safeguard to finally protect toll payers and taxpayers from bearing further costs, and, at the same time, put the project on a path for completion. I commend Governor Christie, Mayor Bloomberg, and the leadership of the Port Authority and the September 11 Memorial & Museum for their work on today’s agreement.” -Chris Cuomo, New York Governor.

9/11 2012 Anniversary Information

The 11th 9/11 anniversary is set to be held tomorrow Tuesday, September 11 at the National September 11 Memorial plaza located in the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan.

This program information is for publication, broadcast and release:

  • 8:39 a.m. – Program begins
  • Bagpipers and drummers lead WTC flag through memorial to the stage
  • Young People’s Chorus of New York City performs the National Anthem
  • 8:46 a.m. – Moment of silence (observance of time AA Flight 11 struck North Tower)
    (Houses of worship will toll their bells throughout the City)Family members will begin reading the names in pairs
  • There will be 100 pairs (200 readers) who will continue until all names are read
  • Music will provide a backdrop throughout the program
  • 9:03 a.m. – Moment of silence (observance of time UA Flight 175 struck South Tower)
    Reading of names continues/music resumes
  • 9:37 a.m. – Moment of silence (observance of time AA Flight 77 struck the Pentagon)
    Reading of names continues/music resumes
  • 9:59 a.m. – Moment of silence (observance of time of fall of the South Tower)
    Reading of names continues/music resumes
  • 10:03 a.m. – Moment of silence (observance of time UA Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania)
    Reading of names continues/music resumes
  • 10:28 a.m. – Moment of silence (observance of time of fall of the North Tower)
  • Reading of names continues to conclusion/music resumes
  • Young People’s Chorus of New York City performs “Give Us Hope”
  • Taps performed by three trumpeters (NYPD, FDNY, PAPD)
  • 12:30 p.m. – Program concludes
  • 8:00 p.m. – National September 11 Memorial Closes

Family members of the 2001 and 1993 attacks have been invited to participate in this year’s reading of the names, pausing during 6 moments; twice to mark the time the two towers were hit, twice to mark the two towers fell, and to mark the two moments of the attacks in the Pentagon and Flight 93.

Houses of worship have been asked to toll their bells at the time when the first tower was hit. The ceremony will conclude at approximately 12;30PM.

A complete list of the names of the 2,983 victims of the 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and on Flight 93, along with the victims of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing will be posted on prior to the start of the ceremony. Names will be read in alphabetical order as they are listed.

The tribute in light will be on beginning at sunset on September 11, 2012 and will fade away at dawn on September 12 with no formal program. They’re located at West and Morris Streets in Lower Manhattan and are best seen when it’s completely dark.

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No Politicians At This Year’s 9/11 Anniversary Ceremony

No politicians will attend this year’s September 11 anniversary after families have expressed their concern that political struggles are hindering progress on the 9/11 Museum at the World Trade Center.

Family members were told that this year’s reading of victims will be “the exclusive focus of the program”. It was the first indication that the reading of the names would continue to be part of the ceremony as September 11 approaches, even though some family members protested after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had said that he wasn’t sure if the names should be read individually now that they are on display at the memorial at Ground Zero.

The President of the memorial foundation, Joe Daniels said: “The National September 11 Memorial is focused on honoring the victims and their families in a way free of politics, and this ensures that continues.”

This year, as other years, the observance will have six moments of silence (when each WTC Tower was hit and fell, and the times of the attack on the Pentagon and when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, PA.)

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