Metro North Commuter Train Hits Car, Kills 6

Six people died this evening when a crowded Metro North Harlem Line train hit a Jeep Cherokee north of White Plains, New York.
More than 750 Passengers were estimated to be inside the train and they were evacuated to the back, MTA says.
The head car of the train set on fire immediately after the crash.
It’s not clear what led to the crash at this hour.

Metro North stated on their Twitter account that the Harlem Service is temporary suspended between North White Plains and Pleasantville.

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NY: Dog Bites Girl in Harlem Apartment

It appeared to have happened inside an apartment at 2130 Madison Ave.

A 7-year-old girl was taken to the hospital with serious injuries after being attacked by a dog in a Harlem apartment, authorities said.

Two dogs were taken away from the scene by police. It was unclear what breed the dogs were, though initial reports were of a pit bull biting a child.

The girl was bitten inside an apartment at 2130 Madison Ave. at about 3:20 p.m., police said. She appeared to be conscious and alert as she was wheeled out to the ambulance, though her arm was covered up.

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1 Dead In Harlem Building Collapse

One construction worker was killed and two were hospitalized after a collapse sent concrete slabs and bricks falling onto them at a work site on 130th Street Thursday.

A 1915 two-story warehouse was being demolished for a Columbia University expansion project, buildings department and FDNY officials said.

Workers on site had cut a structural beam, which is believed to have caused the site to become unstable, officials said. It wasn’t immediately clear to officials whether the cut beam was an error or intentional as part of the work.

Two of the victims were near each other and a third was 50 feet away. It took firefighters 45 minutes to burrow a tunnel through the debris and rescue the third man, the FDNY said.

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Harlem Churches See Gospel Tourist Boom on Sundays

The popularity of these gospel churches with tourists is causing friction with the faithful parishioners, who now face growing crowds.

“Gospel tourists” are descending upon Harlem churches en masse, causing friction with the faithful.

 The neighborhood’s churches have become popular tourist attractions for visitors from all over the world who want to listen to soulful gospel music at a black church service. The growing crowds are causing some problems.

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