January 28, 1986

Late January is a time for mourning and remembering for NASA. January 28 is the day the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded upon takeoff.


The Challenger  carried seven people on board, including the first teacher involved in a space mission.

Challenger disintegrated in the sky just 73 seconds into its flight. The crew died as Challenger exploded in flames while their families watched at Cape Canaveral and millions of others watched via television.

(Back row, left to right) Mission Specialist Ellison Onizuka, Teacher in Space Participant S. Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist Greg Jarvis, Mission Specialist Judy Resnick; (front row) Pilot Mike Smith, Commader Dick Scobee, and Mission Specialist Ron McNair.

“They had a hunger to explore the universe and discover its truths, and they had that special grace, that special spirit that says “Give me a challenge, and I’ll meet it with joy.” The crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never forget them as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.”



Space Shuttle Endeavour Completes Journey in LA

After circling the earth, Endevour runway is in the streets of Los Angeles leading to its final museum display.

NASA’s youngest space shuttle, now retired, is set to complete its two-day road trip to the California Science Center on Saturday evening.

A large crowd of ten thousand people approximately celebrated Endeavour homecoming which rolled up Manchester Boulevard to The Forum, the former indoor arena of the L.A. Lakers.

‘We are thrilled that all of you and everyone in Inglewood is joining us in welcoming home to the Los Angeles area.’, said CDC president Jeffrey Rudolph.

Some astronauts, including Walt Cunningham, Apollo 7 Pilot, and Endeavour’s last pilot Greg. H. Johnson, didn’t assist to the shuttle ceremony.

Noe I. for Windows of the World

Space Shuttle Endeavour Returns To California

The Space shuttle Endeavour returned Thursday to California on a wistful journey over the country that paid homage to NASA workers and Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, an astronaut.

A 747 jet carrying the space shuttle will take off again on Friday morning to make an appearance over Sacramento, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles skies stopping at the Los Angeles International Airport where Endeavour will be prepped for a slow ride on a special flatbed trailer through city streets next month and ending as a museum showpiece.

Endeavour’s has been delayed twice during the past days due to stormy weather along the Gulf of Mexico and on Wednesday it departed from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida where crowds were looking for the space shuttle to appear in the sky.

Space shuttle Endeavour flew 25 times, where its mission was mostly to supply the International Space Station and spent 299 days in space and circled Earth nearly 4,700 times, logging 123 million miles.

Picture Gene Blevins  /  Reuters

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Today’s Best Pictures; The Enterprise makes Intrepid landing; Waves in Australia & More

The space shuttle Enterprise is lifted by a crane onto the USS Intrepid, June 6, 2012, in New York City. Upon the Intrepid, the space shuttle will be on display for viewing by the general public. NASA’s space shuttle program came to an end in August, 2011, after 30 years of service.

Sightseers brave treacherous conditions at Bronte Beach on Wednesday in Sydney, Australia. Wind speeds of up to 127km/h were recorded last night as Sydney was lashed by wild weather caused by the arrival of a low pressure system. A high tide and a large swell is heightening the risk of sand erosion at local beaches on the New South Wales coast.

This combo picture made on Wednesday shows living statues depecting an Apache Indian, a sand man, Elvis Presley, a matador, the invisible man, the newspaper man, a bronze sweeper and Charlie Chaplin near the Puerta del Sol square. Since the beginning of the economic crisis in Spain, the number of living statues has increased in Madrid. Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the industrialised world, with 24.44 percent of the workforce idle, according to the national statistics office Ine.


On this day in 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates over Texas

On February 1st, 2003, during its descent to earth on mission STS-107, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates killing all seven astronauts on board. Heat shield tiles, which suffered damage during the shuttle’s launch, fail during reentry, allowing hot gases to enter the left wing and eventually cause it to break off, quickly leading to the destruction of the entire spacecraft.