Tornado Watch for Parts of New Jersey until 10pm: Thursday, June 27 2013

A Tornado Watch has been issued for parts of New Jersey until 10 p.m. for the following locations:

















Source: National Weather Service: “TORNADO WATCH 377 IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 1000 PM EDT”


ABC News; Top Ten Cities for Fireworks

New York City: This Fourth of July, the retail giant Macy’s will dazzle New Yorkers with a show titled “Ignite the Night.” The soundtrack will be a blend of patriotism and pop: Kenny Chesney and Katy Perry will perform in sync with the fireworks, which will launch from four barges on the Hudson River. (Steve Kelley/Getty Images)


Philadelphia: The Benjamin Franklin Parkway is the annual host of what the city calls America’s “Largest Free Concert.” The Party on the Parkway attracts 500,000 people culminates in performances by big names, with this year’s lineup including Queen Latifah, Common and Joe Jonas. After the music dies down, the party picks up with a 15-minute firework display that costs the city more than $2.1 million.(Travelif/Getty Images)


Washington D.C. : In perhaps the most patriotic location in which to celebrate the holiday, a medley of colorful explosions engulfs the Washington Monument as fireworks launch from the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Make sure to arrive early — the roughly 500,000 spectators begin crowding up space in America’s backyard by the afternoon. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images)


Boston: The birthplace of the Revolution celebrates American Independence with the “Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.” A concert by the Boston Pops Orchestra, with special guest Grammy-winning Jennifer Hudson, will provide the soundtrack for about half a million spectators as fireworks light up the sky above the Charles River. (Yoon S. Byun/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)


San Francisco: Pier 39 provides panoramic views of San Francisco Bay, the backdrop for the city’s 21-minute Fisherman’s Wharf Fireworks Extravaganza, which typically attracts about 600,000 attendees. (Robert Houser/Getty Images)


Lake Tahoe Fireworks: The 5,000 bursts of color in “Lights on the Lake” are doubly impressive because the streaks of light reflect off the surface of Lake Tahoe. This 23-minute show attracts about 100,000 each year. (Keri Oberly/Getty Images)


Atlantic City: Claiming roughly 200,000 annual attendees, this show is among the nation’s longest. A 22-minute display soars above the marina, followed by a 24-minute show over the city’s famous boardwalk. (Steve Maciejewski)


Chicago: Budget cuts have concentrated the Windy City’s Fourth of July celebrations at a single place: the historic Navy Pier, which juts out onto lake Michigan and provides impressive views of the Chicago skyline. (Getty Images)


Addison, Texas: This boom town’s fireworks display is aptly titled “Kaboom Town!” The Dallas suburb’s famous 30-minute show may off the beaten path, but it gets consistently high marks from the American Pyrotechnics Association. About half a million people from the region spill into the town of 15,000 to experience the musically choreographed display, which follows an air show. (Flickr/thom82)


New Orleans Louisiana : The 236th anniversary of American independence is also Louisiana’s bicentennial as a U.S. state. This year’s “Go Fourth on the River” festival will finish with fireworks launched from two barges anchored in the Mississippi River that can be enjoyed from land or steamboat.  (Don Klumpp/Getty Images)

Fort Lee, NJ Issues Tickets To Walking-And-Texting People

If you’re caught texting while crossing the street in Fort Lee, N.J., you’d better be ready to cough up $85 for a ticket.

Police Chief Thomas Ripoli said that jaywalking had become a dangerous problem with pedestrians traveling while distracted by technology, be it their cellphones or mp3 players.

“They’re not walking in the crosswalks. They’re walking against the red light, and they’re being struck by vehicles,” Ripoli said today. “We had three fatalities this year, and 23 people hurt, hit, [in] a three-month period.”

Last year, 74 pedestrians were struck and two people were killed in Fort Lee, a city of 35,000, just across the Hudson River from New York City.

Officers started handing out pamphlets in March, but Ripoli said that when residents didn’t heed the warnings, the police started ticketing offenders.

According to The Record, the local newspaper, more than 117 tickets had been issued so far.

In 2008, according to an Ohio State University study, more than 1,000 people — double the previous year’s number — visited emergency rooms after they were injured while walking and talking on the telephone.

Researchers at Stony Brook University in New York found that texters were 60 percent more likely to veer off line than those walking and not texting.

Chief Ripoli said he hoped the jaywalking crackdown would encourage the public to become smarter when traveling on foot.

He said the tickets had nothing to do with collecting more money for the city.

“I’m here to make sure my officers and the public are safe,” he said. “We believe you should make eye contact with the vehicles when you’re crossing. … Technology is interfering a little bit with the safety of the public.”