Wintry Mix Hits New York Area

winter storm

A Winter Storm Warning is currently in effect for the New York City area, as a system of wintry mix of precipitation is moving east. Snow accumulations will be less in the south.

Northern New Jersey is likely to get more than hakf-foot of snow.

New York City Schools are open, and so are their after-school programs, but field trips have been canceled.

Drivers are being warned to be extra cautious and leave extra time. Alternate side parking regulations have been suspended for snow removal Monday.

Mayor Bill De Blasio issued a severe weather warning and hazardous travel advisory for Monday.

Long Island Railroad, Metro-North, MTA, working on normal weekday schedule as extra crews are keeping platforms clear of snow and ice.

It is advised for riders to take extra time for morning and evening commutes.

Noe I. For Windows of the World


North America Expects Warm Spring

Heat will soon make its entrance to most of North America, as specialists say we will experience  above average temperatures over the new season.

It is expected to be drier than other springs, specifically in the West and Southwest, including Texas. At the same time, flooding is likely to happen in a variety of regions, like North Dakota, and the Mississippi area, and could be worsen by the early melting of the winter snow.

“This spring’s outlook is a mixed bag of drought, flooding and warm weather”, a specialist said.

Drought and increasing temperatures could create fire in the Southwest, like Oklahoma, where wildfires have already been seen, and the state of Florida.

So, although it is still cold in the north, spring will soon rise the temperatures.

Noe I. for Windows of the World